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Renovation grinder


Item no. 85000

Rokamat Chameleon


  • Aggressive grinding (e.g. concrete renovations)
  • Removing of tile adhesives, concrete burrs, bitumen, hard plaster, paint and coatings
  • Polishing of stone floors
  • Roughening of surfaces
  • Sanding of parquet and wood


  • Versatile concrete and renovation grinder for floor, wall and ceiling
  • Powerful grinding with minimum effort
  • Continuous speed control (optimal adjustment to each application)
  • Short and long-neck grinder in one (up to 3 m height)
  • Designed for edge grinding
  • Back-friendly and ergonomic working (awarded with Germany’s top worker protection award: VISION ZERO – category „Health Protection”)


Our Renovation grinder Gex is your best choice if you need to aggressivly grind hard materials. You can adjust the variable speed with up to 9 140 rpm. optimally to the respective grinding work. The powerful 1 500 W motor is carried separately from the hand tool either on a belt or a shoulder strap. This reduces the weight of the machine to just 2.9 kg (hand tool)! Your benefit: powerful work without effort and tiring.

The grinder was rightly awarded with Germany’s top worker protection award: VISION ZERO – category „Health Protection”

The easily and quickly extendable handhold and the angle-adjustable special grinding head allow for ergonomic and back-friendly work. This makes both the boss and the worker happy.

Grinding right up to the edges? No problem, thanks to the flexible 360°-slewable grinding head. This can be used at any time without retooling.

It’s also possible to use sanding discs in combination with the special supporting plate (Item no. 84100), e. g. for polishing stone floors, sanding wood and much more.

And last but not least: Professional craftsmen will appreciate the excellent dust suction. It protects the respiratory tract and makes working that much more enjoyable.

Fields of application

  • Machining wood ♦
  • Machining plaster and concrete ♦ ♦ ♦

suited ♦ / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Technical data

Power consumption 1 500 W
Idle engine speed 2 580-9 140 rpm
Net weight hand tool 2.9 kg
Total weight2) 6.8 kg
Accessory-Ø 150 mm


Scope of supply

Renovation grinder


Diamond grinding cup "gold" Ø 150 mm (Item no. 85600)



Rokamat Zubehoer Diamantschleifteller Diamantschleifteller Gold 85600

Diamond grinding cup

Accessory discs Ø 150 mm

Description No.
Diamond grinding cup gold 85600
  • For universal use, hard material, all sorts of concrete, brickwork and others
Rokamat Zubehoer Diamantschleifteller Diamantschleifteller Schwarz 85100
Description No.
Diamond grinding cup black 85100
  • For abrasive material, asphalt, screed, tile cement, gas concrete, old plaster and others
Rokamat Zubehoer PKD Schleifteller PKD Schleifteller polykristalline Diamantbestueckung 85200

PCD grinding disc

Description No.
PCD grinding disc with polycrystalline diamond coat 85200
  • For Removing bitumen coating, epoxy resin, urethan and latex paint, old plaster, painting and others
  • Also for Grinding concrete aggressive
Rokamat Zubehoer Diamantschleifscheibe Diamantschleifscheibe Light 85400

​Diamond grinding disc "light"

Description No.
Diamond grinding disc "light" 85400
  • For light grinding work (i. e. concrete burrs, floor screeds etc.) and for finishing concrete
Rokamat Zubehoer HMT Schleifteller HMT Schleifteller Grob Kantenschliff 85300

Hard metal rasping disc

Description No.
Hard metal rasping disc for edge grinding 85300
Hard metal rasping disc for surface grinding 85305
Hard metal rasping disc, fine* 84200
  • For removing adhesive residues and old render
  • *For aggressive grinding of timber
Rokamat Zubehoer Spezialstuetzteller Spezialstuetzteller Klett Artikelnummer 84100

Special supporting plate

Description No.
Special supporting plate with velcro 84100
  • For mounting sanding discs
Rokamat Zubehoer Parkettschleifel Schmirgel K60 6er Pack Artikelnummer 84160

Grinding Parquet

Description No.
Emery grain 60 (6 pcs.) 84160
Emery grain 80 (6 pcs.) 84180
Emery grain 100 (6 pcs.) 84110
Emery grain 120 (6 pcs.) 84112
Emery grain 150 (6 pcs.) 84115
  • For grinding parquet and wood
Rokamat Zubehoer Diamantschleifscheibe Diamantschleifscheibe Light 85400
Rokamat Zubehoer Parkettschleifen Zirkon Schleifscheiben Korn80 6er Pack 84380
Description No.
Diamond grinding disc "light" 85400
  • For renovating varnished grounds
Description No.
Zircon grinding discs grain 80 (6 pcs.) 84380
Zircon grinding discs grain 100 (6 pcs.) 84310
Zircon grinding discs grain 120 (6 pcs.) 84312
  •  For grinding parquet
Rokamat Zubehoer ABRAFILM Schleifscheibe ABRAFILM K60 6er Pack 85904


Description No.
ABRAFILM grit 40 (6 pcs.) 85900
ABRAFILM grit 60 (6 pcs.) 85902
ABRAFILM grit 80 (6 pcs.) 85904
ABRAFILM grit 100 (6 pcs.) 85906
  • Extremely durable and tearproof film carrier, zirconia grit (nearly as hard as diamond)
  • Excellent cutting properties.Use on even surfaces, i.g. removing impurities on concrete (smudges after formworking) or grinding exposed concrete
Rokamat Zubehoer ABRAFILM Polier-Set ABRAFILM Polier-Set Schleifscheiben 60, 120, 240, 400, 800, 1200, 2000, 3000 85910

ABRAFILM ​Polishing Set

Description Artikelnummer
ABRAFILM Polishing Set: grit 60,120,240,400,800,1200,2000,3000 85910
  • For varnishing of stone, marble, terrazzo floors (high gloss)
Rokamat Zubehoer Schultergurt 05100

Shoulder strap

Description No.
Shoulder strap 05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.

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1) Rounded total weight without accessories.

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