Important information about the use of Li-Ion battery packs for our cordless machines

Always use only the original battery packs/chargers provided by us or our CAS partners. These are specifically designed for the use with our cordless machines and those of our CAS partners and ensure the highest possible performance and safety.

We cannot guarantee safety or performance if battery packs/chargers other than the original ones provided by us or those of our CAS partners are used. This also applies if the battery packs/chargers have been opened or modified in any way from their original state.

The use of battery packs or chargers that are not provided by us or one of our CAS partners (third-party battery packs and chargers) can lead to significant safety risks, such as fire or explosion hazards.

Also, we would like to point out that the use of third-party systems voids any warranty and possible guarantee claims concerning our products.

Safety recommendations for transporting and handling Lithium-ion battery packs

Lithium-ion battery packs are particularly suitable for mobile applications because of their very high energy density. Many safety mechanisms are already implemented into the system and guarantee a safe product as well as safe working. Additional measures and rules to prevent damage are required when handling and transporting the battery packs due to the high amount of energy.

Here you will find information and safety recommendations about Lithium-ion battery packs:


Safety information

Damage prevention

Test summary

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