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Concrete power trowel


Item no. 93000

Skate Betonglätter


  • Levelling and troweling fresh concrete and screed
  • Smoothing concrete elements


  • Ideal compacting finish
  • Easy handling compared to conventional machines
  • Motor separate from hand tool -> prevents soiling


The lightweight concrete power trowel ​Skate impresses with easy handling - ideal even in narrow or small spaces. The selection of different accessory discs allows flexible adaptation to material and conditions on site. The same applies to the continuous speed control.

The head of the tool is angle-adjustable. The telescopic tube and the handle extension increase the operating radius and improve working ergonomics.

The motor is carried comfortably either on the belt or on the shoulder strap - separate from the hand tool. This reduces the weight of the hand tool, thus saving your strength. Moreover, thanks to electric operation, even indoor use is no problem - a significant advantage over petrol-operated machines.

Cordless version also available (see Skate C).

Fields of application

  • Flattening fresh concrete ♦ ♦ ♦

suited ♦ / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Technical data

Power consumption 1 000 W
Idle engine speed 85-340 rpm
Net weight hand tool 3,1 kg
Total weight1) 6,4 kg
Accessory-Ø 350 mm


Scope of supply

Concrete power trowel
Supporting plate with velcro Ø 350 mm
Trowel perforated (Item no. 48100)
Trowel smooth (Item no. 48200)
Handle extension


Rokamat Zubehoer 350mm Grundteller Mit Klett Grundteller Mit Klett 48000

Ø 350 mm Supporting plate with Velcro

Velcro System for Ø 350 mm

Description No.
Supporting Plate with Velcro 93200


Rokamat Zubehoer 350mm Reibescheiben Reibescheibe Perforiert Mit Klett 48100

Ø 350 mm Trowels

Description No.
Trowel with Velcro perforated 48100

Pre-Troweling - leveling unevenness and holes.

Rokamat Zubehoer 350mm Reibescheiben Reibescheibe Glatt 48200
Description No.
Trowel with Velcro smooth 48200

Trowel finishing on fresh concrete and screed areas.

Rokamat Zubehoer Reibescheiben Beton Reibescheibe Edelstahl Glatt Mit Klett Longlife 350mm 48900
Description No.
Trowel (stainless steel) with Velcro -longlife- Ø 350 mm 48900
Trowel (stainless steel) with Velcro -longlife- Ø 215 mm 34900
Base plate (to use with trowel Ø 215 mm) 69110
  • For smoothing concrete elements.
  • Trowel finishing on fresh concrete and screed areas.
Rokamat- Zubehoer-450mm-Fluegelteller-93100

NEW! Ø 450 mm Trowel

Description No.
Trowel with blades Ø 450 mm* 93100
  • For Finishing concrete and screed areas.
    *Not available in the United States


Rokamat Zubehoer Schultergurt 05100

Shoulder strap

Description No.
Shoulder strap 05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.

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1) Rounded total weight without accessories.

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