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Long neck grinder


Item no. 60100

Rokamat Chameleon


  • Grinding plasterboard, wall board and concrete burrs
  • Grinding and polishing walls, ceilings and other surfaces


  • Light weight
  • High traction power (1 500 Watt)
  • Smooth running, low vibration
  • Short and long-neck grinder in one  (grinding up to 3 m height)
  • Flexible, heavy duty grinding head
  • Grinding into edges with special suction hood


The probably lightest long-neck grinder in the world Heron is not just another drywall sander out of many.

Our well-established concept of carrying the motor separately from the handtool on a belt or shoulder strap makes the sander a true lightweight. This allows for long and fatigue-free working on walls and ceilings.

Despite its light weight (hand tool 2,4 kg), the Heron impresses with enormous 1 500 W motor power. This means that renovation work, such as removing concrete burrs or paint from wall surfaces (e.g. distemper paint) can also be carried out easily.

The combination of short and long-neck grinder in one unit is particularly user-friendly.
No need to pause - adapt the machine to your respective working conditions quickly by means of the adjustable telescopic tube.

It’s also not necessary to retool if you want to grind into edges. Grinding patterns between surfaces and edges are blending seamlessly due to the sophisticated suction hood (360° slewable).

Simply unpack and get started right away – no assembling necessary.

Fields of application

  • Machining wood ♦
  • Machining plaster and concrete ♦ ♦
  • Cleaning ♦
  • Drywall ♦ ♦ ♦

suited ♦ / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Technical data

Power consumption 1 500 W
Idle engine speed 640-2 270 rpm
Net weight hand tool 2.4 kg
Total weight1) 6.7 kg
Accessory-Ø 225 mm (230 mm)


Scope of supply

Long neck grinder
Supporting plate Ø 225 mm
Emery Particle Set (grain 40-150)
JOEST Superpad-Set (grain 40-220)


Rokamat Zubehoer Stuetzteller HERON Stuetzteller mit Klett 225mm mit Schaumgummiunterlage 61000

Supporting plate HERON

Accessory discs Ø 225 mm

Description No.
Supporting plate with foam rubber base Ø 225 mm 60150


Rokamat Zubehoer Reinigen Polieren Schleifvlies K80 Grob 6er Pack 62200

Cleaning and Polishing

Description No.
Cleaning Pad grain 80, coarse (6 pcs.) 62200
Cleaning Pad grain 120, medium (6 pcs.) 62000
Cleaning Pad grain 180, fine (6 pcs.) 62100


Rokamat Zubehoer Reinigen Polieren Polierpads sehr fein 2er Pack 62800
Description No.
Polishing Pad, very fine (2 pcs.) 62800
Lambskin Pad, superfine (2 pcs.) 62900
  • Cleaning and polishing fair-faced concrete, polishing parquet and more.
Rokamat Zubehoer Schleifen Schmirgel K40 6er Pack Artikelnummer 61100


Description No.
Emery grain 40 (6 pcs.) 61100
Emery grain 60 (6 pcs.) 61200
Emery grain 80 (6 pcs.) 61300
Emery grain 100 (6 pcs.) 61400
Emery grain 120 (6 pcs.) 61500
Emery grain 150 (6 pcs.) 61600
  • Sanding discs for professional painting and varnishing
Rokamat Zubehoer JOEST Superpads Joest Superpad K60 6er Pack 69860

JÖST Superpads

Description No.
Jöst Superpad grit 40 (6 pcs.) 69840
Jöst Superpad grit 60 (6 pcs.) 69860
Jöst Superpad grit 80 (6 pcs.) 69880
Jöst Superpad grit 120 (6 pcs.) 69812
Jöst Superpad grit 180 (6 pcs.) 69818
Jöst Superpad grit 220 (6 pcs.) 69822
  • Unique full-surface perforations and patended Velcro-type system allows: full-surface dust extraction (no clogging), higher sanding capacity and shorter sanding time
Rokamat Zubehoer Klettschleifgitter Schmirgel K120 6er Pack 69712

Grinding Grids

Description No.
Grinding grid 80 (4 pcs.) 69780
Grinding grid 100 (6 pcs.) 69710
Grinding grid 120 (6 pcs.) 69712
Grinding grid 180 (6 pcs.) 69718
Grinding grid 220 (6 pcs.) 69722
  • For plaster, filler, etc.
Rokamat Zubehoer Zirkon Klettscheiben K80 6er Pack 82080

Zircon grinding discs

Description No.
Zircon grinding discs grain 80 (6 pcs.) 82080
Zircon grinding discs grain 100 (6 pcs.) 82010
Zircon grinding discs grain 120 (6 pcs.) 82012
  • For sanding parquet
Rokamat Zubehoer Aggressives Schleifen HMT Schleifscheibe Mittel 60600

​For aggressive grinding

Description No.
Metal abrasive disc, fine 60500
Metal abrasive disc, medium 60600
Metal abrasive disc, coarse 60700
Foam rubber base 7mm (to use for supporting
plate) for metal abrasive disc medium and coarse
  • For grinding timber, brick, screed, carpet residue, fibreglass, gas concrete and many other materials.
Rokamat Zubehoer Aggressives Schleifen Diamantschleifscheibe Light 60300
Description No.
Diamond grinding disc "light" 60300
  • For grinding concrete burrs, floor screeds, etc.
Rokamat Zubehoer Schultergurt 05100

Shoulder strap

Description No.
Shoulder strap 05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.

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1) Rounded total weight without accessories.

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