Geschichte ROKAMAT

Rolf Kammerer was still an young man in his father’s stucco plastering business when the idea of his first machine came to his mind.

Well, there must be a way to make this easier”, the young Rolf Kammerer thought whilst arduously working on a sgraffito job. This is how the Chameleon universal machine (earlier called UNIVERSAL) with accessories for sgraffito came into being, first in the inventor’s mind, after that on the drawing board, and then some time later in own production and in series. In 1982, the innovative device came onto the market with a decoupled motor and became quickly popular under the brand name of Rokamat (ROlf KAmmerer MAchine Technology). Within a short period of time, Rolf Kammerer was selling his machines to painters, plasterers and finishing craftsmen throughout Germany and Switzerland. Today, company Kammerer sells its Rokamat machines even worldwide.

Whilst the brand of Rokamat was establishing itself in the market, Rolf Kammerer did not remain idle. Always bearing in mind that the machines designed by him were meant to make everyday life easier for craftsmen, he kept developing many more devices over the following years, which he brought to production maturity through his staff in Remchingen near Pforzheim. Following the incredibly versatile Chameleon with its discs rotating in opposite directions, there first came a felting machine with a handle, a precursor to the current plaster finishing machine PFM (earlier called DRY) for processing gypsum plaster or lime-cement renders.

In 1990, the Rokamat Chameleon was joined by an absolutely indispensable partner: the Rokamat Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner RVC-L guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement during operations and at the same time ensuring a dust-free environment in a most reliable manner. Today, many craftsmen would no longer want to miss this handy helper precisely when sanding thermal insulation boards or working on scaffoldings.


A particularly important complement to the product range attained market maturity in 2002: A power sander for drywall and aggressive sanding, called Titano (follow up modell: Heron). This was the first long-necked sander from the Remchingen think tank but was not meant to be last one. Over the following years, the Rokamat product range was further supplemented by the Gecko drywall sander with its super-flexible sanding head, the renovation and parquet sanders Gex and Gex P, and also the Gecko Rapid with its particularly effective removal performance.

The area of plaster finishing machines, too, was expanded consistently to meet the needs of the crafts: Along with the Rokamat PFM long runner, today the PFM W plaster finishing machine with its water injection, the PFM WT with its water tank as well as the cordless plaster finishing machine PFM C all make everyday life easier for the plasterers. PFM 5 is the latest and compactest version of our plaster finishing machines range.

The joint milling trade also has got a machine available: the Piranha Cutter – this, too, is guaranteed to be “designed, assembled & made in Germany”.

To this day, company Kammerer has remained a genuine family business. Rolf Kammerer’s son, Dominic Kammerer, joined the management in 2014, after having been engaged in the engineering department of the company over the preceding years.

Since December 2018 Rokamat is partner of CAS (Cordless Alliance System).

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