We were looking for „the resilient”

ROKAMAT guarantees quality made in Germany. Our story of success started more than 30 years ago with the universal machine CHAMELEON. Up to this day there are still machines of the first generation in use. We were in search of the oldest still working CHAMELEON – and we found it!

The winner has received a brand-new machine of the same type.

Riexinger Company from Baden-Württemberg (Germany)!

They have been working with their machine for about 30 years and it´s still working. That makes it the winner of our prize draw “We are looking for „the resilient””.
They are mainly using their CHAMELEON for removing old plaster and abrading render. We were delighted to hear that the Riexinger staff always favours working with the ROKAMAT machines (e.g. also the GECKO RAPID and the Wireless SPONGEFLOAT). Quality speaks for itself.