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The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000

Product advantages

  • Light weight due to seperation of tool and motor
  • Smooth operation thanks to contra-rotating tool discs
  • Large operating surface (2 x Ø 200 mm)
  • Continuous speed control to optimise each different application
  • Dust-free working with the Rucksack Vaccum Cleaner
  • Also available with water injection - CHAMELEON Clean No. 20300 incl. brushes and pads

Technical data

Motor output 1.000 W
Tool r.p.m. 150 - 570
Weight kg approx. 2,4 (tool)
Accessory Ø 200
Our recommended retail price € 1.129,00 netto (Deutschland)

Fields of Application

  • Wood machining
  • Plaster and concrete machining ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Cleaning ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Drywall
  • EFIS and ETICS ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Flattening fresh concrete ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Stripping wallpaper ♦ ♦ ♦
  • Fields of application
    • Grinding EIFS and ETICS boards
    • Rubbing up sanded final coat
    • Smoothing base coat
    • Scratching sgraffito
    • Flattening concrete
    • Cleaning concrete boarding
    • Stripping wallpaper
    • Sanding, cleaning, polishing (e.g. external finishes)

suited / well suited ♦♦ / very well suited ♦♦♦

Application Pictures

Grinding EIFS and ETICS boards with Rokamat Chameleon
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON Removing wallpaper
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON Holocaust-Memorial
Grinding EIFS and ETICS boards with ROKAMAT CHAMELEON
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON Holocaust Memorial
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON cleaning formwork
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON with vacuum cleaner
Grinding EIFS and ETICS boards with ROKAMAT CHAMELEON
Grinding EIFS and ETICS boards with ROKAMAT CHAMELEON
Removing wallpaper with ROKAMAT CHAMELEON

Scope of supply

Rokamat Chameleon in suitcase
  • supporting plates Ø 200 mm
  • emery grain 16 (4 pcs.)
  • in machine case

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each


Steel brushes, fine21200
Steel brushes, medium21300
Steel brushes, coarse21400
Special steel brushes, medium23000
Special steel brushes, coarse23100
Steel brush
Nylon brushes, superfine21505
Nylon brushes, fine21500
Nylon brushes, coarse21600
Steel / nylon brushes22500
  • Cleaning formwork units
  • Concrete residues on a pan or on steel frames can be easily removed with steel brushes. Once the surface skin is waxed with nylon brushes, it is ready for further use.
  • Further uses:
    • removing old, loose plaster, render and paint
    • cleaning exterior facades of moss and algae
    • cleaning and preparing plaster for new coverings
Nylon brush

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Cleaning and Polishing

Cleaning Pad grid 80, coarse23500
Cleaning Pad grid 120, medium23400
Cleaning Pad grid 180, fine23900
Cleaning Pad
Polishing Pad, very fine23300
Lambskin Pad, superfine23600
(use with supporting plates No. 20700)
  • Cleaning buildings and facades
  • Polishing, for example "marble effect"
  • Polishing parquet
Lambskin Pad

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each


Scratching discs "longlife"20100
  • Nail plates with pointed pins for scratching sgraffito
  • Large working surface ensures both safe and flat working with the nailplates
  • They can also be used to scratch glass fibre wallpaper coatings
Nail plate "longlife"

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Removing old render

Widia discs21700
  • For removing sanding old plasters and for roughening dry plaster.
  • Also adhesive residues of carpet glue and tiling adhesives can be milled off as well as heavy fouling on industrial floors (area performance for tiling adhesive: about 20 - 30 square metres per hour)
Widia disc

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each


Smoothing attachments25200
(use with base plate No. 25000)
  • Smoothing plates for abrading render and plaster after setting
Smoothing disc with base-plate

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Flattening concrete

Flattening plate22700
  • For flattening concrete easily and quickly. To be used before the material has taken final set (sprayed concrete).
Flattening plate
Flattening plates with trowel blades22600
  • For hard trowelling (e. g. wet concrete inside silos)
Flattening plate with trowel blades

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Stripping wallpaper

Perforating discs22200
  • Perforating wallpaper so that it can be easily soaked and stripped
Perforating disc
Shaving plates22300
  • For removing wallpaper, for cleaning shuttering or other shaving work
Shaving plate
Guide rails22210
  • Please use in combination with perforating and shaving discs
Guide rails
Sharpening board (for shaving plates)22220
  • For re-sharpening the blades (shaving plates)
Sharpening board (for shaving plates)
Premium Package "Removing Wallpaper"22250
  • Perforating discs, shaving plates, sharpening board and guide rails.
Premium Package Removing Wallpaper

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Supporting plates

Supporting plates with velcro20700
  • For mounting sanding discs, grinding grids, metal abrasive discs, cleaning and polishing pads
Supporting plate

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Sanding discs

Emery grit 16 (4 pcs.) (f. polystyrene)20816
Emery grit 24 (4 pcs.)20824
Emery grit 40 (6 pcs.)20840
Emery grit 60 (6 pcs.) (f. gypsum)20860
Emery grit 80 (6 pcs.)20880
Emery grit 100 (6 pcs.)20810
Emery grit 120 (6 pcs.)20812

Range of application

  • Surface grinding
    • polystyrene insulating boards, rock wool or other thermal insulating systems (EIFS and ETICS)
    • taped board joints
    • plaster background (1st layer of the render)
  • Roughening up polystyrene surfaces for next application
  • Cleaning shuttering pans (when concrete residues are hardened)
Sanding disc

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

JÖST Superpads

Jöst Superpad 40 (6 pcs.)28040
Jöst Superpad 40 (6 pcs.)28060
Jöst Superpad 40 (6 pcs.)28080
Jöst Superpad 40 (6 pcs.)28012
Jöst Superpad 40 (6 pcs.)28018
Jöst Superpad 40 (6 pcs.)28022
  • Thanks to unique full-surface perforations and patented Velcreo-type system on the rear side of the sanding medium allows:
    • permanent full-surface dust extraction
    • no clogging (keeps contact and removal at the optimum)
    • a higher sanding capacity (up to 4 times more compared to conventional sanding media)
    • shorter sanding time and more effective working
Jöst Superpad "use it"

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

Grinding grids

Grinding grit 80 (4 pcs.)27080
Grinding grit 100 (6 pcs.)27010
Grinding grit 120 (6 pcs.)27012
Grinding grit 180 (6 pcs.)27018
Grinding grit 220 (6 pcs.)27022
  • For plaster, filler, etc.
Grinding grit

Accessory discs in pairs Ø 200 mm each

For aggressive grinding

Metal abrasive discs, fine22400
Metal abrasive discs, medium23200
Metal abrasive discs, coarse22900
  • For grinding timber, brick, screed, carpet ramains, fibreglass, gas concrete and many other materials.
Metal abrasive disc


Shoulder strap

Shoulder strap05100
  • With shoulder pad and length adjustment.
Shoulder strap

Product presentation


Removing Wallpapers: